Clients Testimonials for Medical Malpractice and Vehicle Accident Cases


Wrongful Death -- Aviation accident

-- Chris from Tampa

Mr. Diaco helped me navigate one of the most difficult times in my life when my Mom died in a helicopter accident. I couldn’t have done it without him. He obtained a very significant recovery for my family. We remain close friends, because he has always been there for me.
Medical Malpractice

-- Jeanie from Tampa

Jay Diaco helped me during my darkest hours after my son sustained a severe stroke which left him completely incapacitated. The stroke was misdiagnosed in the ER. Mr. Diaco helped me obtain a $3 million recovery on my son’s behalf in a claim against the ER and the ER doctors. He even helped us get my son the long term care he needed. I will always be thankful for his help. I trust Mr. Diaco, and I will go back to him if I ever need another lawyer.
Boating Accident -- Catastrophic injury

-- Page from St. Petersburg

Mr. Diaco helped me and my family from the time I was in the ICU until I walked my first steps following my boating accident. He helped me every step of the way, and he negotiated my balances with the hospital and doctors so well that he exceeded all of my expectations with the outcome!
Motor Vehicle Accident -- Fusion Surgery

-- Terry from Tampa

Jay Diaco has always been there for me in my times of need. He has represented me several times over the years. I keep going back to him, because of the excellent results he has achieved for me. Jay has always been upfront and honest, and he treats me with respect.
Commercial Vehicle Accident -- Facial lacerations

-- James from Ft. Pierce

Jay Diaco’s aggressive litigation style helped me get the outcome I wanted within a month of trial. He also negotiated my outstanding liens successfully which increased my recovery. I couldn’t have done it without Jay.
Medical Malpractice -- failure to diagnose stroke

-- Jeremy from Tampa

Mr. Diaco was there for my family after my Mom suffered a stroke that was not diagnosed in the ER. He was always upfront and honest. He even gave us his cell phone number so we could reach him after hours. Jay remains a friend to this day for the way he treated my Mother and Father who are Jamaican immigrants. I still have his cell phone number, because it will be the first number I call if I, or anyone I know, needs a compassionate and honest attorney.”