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  1. It is possible you are entitled to a substantial award of money if you are hurt in a Tampa automobile, semi-truck or motorcycle accident.
  2. Taking the right action after an automobile accident can be unclear and frightening. Let our personal injury experts at Diaco Law eliminate all the concern and worry after your car crash. The professionals you talk to will make sure you get the medical help and compensation you need.
  3. The clock is ticking after you are in a car crash. Place a call to the team at 1-888-SOS-FIRM, so we can ensure your rights are protected after the vehicle collision.
  4. In Florida, the rules regarding an automobile vehicle accident are different than other states. Our legal professionals at Diaco Law are well-versed in the car crash laws in Tampa, and will direct you in the steps required to protect your legal rights and get you compensation for damages.
  5. Never be fooled by an automobile insurance adjuster making an offer of fast cash after a car collision. The insurance adjuster is not your friend. The insurance adjuster wants to minimize the cost to his or her employer and make sure you do not get the compensation you need. The Diaco Law lawyers will stand by you and take steps to make sure the insurance company makes a fair settlement. Our attorneys will take action to make sure you are paid enough for your auto accident injuries. This is often 3 ½ times more compensation than the insurance company would offer if you did not work with a personal injury attorney.

Do You Need Answers After A Tampa Auto Accident? Diaco Law can help. Call 1-888-SOS-FIRM and let Diaco Law be your guide.