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Medical Malpractice

The personal injury attorneys of Diaco Law are well-trained and possess the experience required to pursue and win medical malpractice claims.

Joseph F. Diaco, Jr. from Diaco Law has over 22 years of experience dealing with Florida’s complex medical malpractice laws and the strict pre-suit requirements to bring a medical negligence claim.

Mistakes can and do happen

When you or a loved one find yourself in a situation requiring hospitalization or extensive medical care, there are some precautions that you can take to ensure you or your loved one is adequately treated by the doctors, nurses, technicians, and hospitals who provide care and treatment to them.

Doctors and nurses are wonderful people, and medicine is fantastic. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen. These mistakes can lead to devastating injuries and even death. Far too often, these mistakes were utterly preventable had the healthcare provider complied with the standard of care.

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Essential Tips,

If you or a loved one is hospitalized, here are some essential tips to better understand your medical situation and, ultimately, tips that can lead to better care and a stronger doctor/patient relationship.


Take extensive notes. Get the name and specialty of the doctor and write down the information they are providing to you. It is stressful to be in the hospital, and memory fades with time.


Second: If you or your loved one are incapacitated or sedated, always have a family member present to advocate for you. The adage “the squeaky wheel gets the oil” holds, even in a hospital. Sometimes, being a presence at the hospital and an involved advocate for your loved one can make all the difference.


Third: if you suspect medical negligence caused you or a family member to sustain an injury or death, do not hesitate to contact Diaco Law.

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…and Finally

Florida law limits the time to bring a claim for medical malpractice to 2 years from the date you knew or should have known of the medical negligence, but only four years. It takes time to thoroughly investigate a medical malpractice claim, so don’t delay if you suspect your or a family member has been the victim of medical negligence.

If you would like further information about a potential medical malpractice claim or any other type of injury claim issue, call Diaco Law at (813) 221-7978, or you can reach the attorneys of Diaco Law online at

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First time getting in an accident, Taylor and the rest of the staff at Diaco made the process easy and painless. Fought and got me more than I originally was told. No police report and they still got me what I was owed. I can’t thank you all enough!


My case had complications due to having two accidents close to one another and one of the drivers being uninsured. Diaco Law got me a settlement that I was happy with and they were very good at protecting my interests through this turbulent situation.


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