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The hours initially following a motorcycle collision on a Florida road will dictate whether you enjoy a total recovery or suffer potentially chronic pain. Information collected by the Insurance Information Institute indicates that 4,976 motorcyclists were killed in traffic crashes in one year and 88,000 motorcyclists were injured. If you are involved in a Florida motorcycle collision, it is important to understand that you should seek immediate medical assistance, no matter how major or minor the injury appears.

The injuries found after a Florida motorcycle accident range from minor to life-altering when there is a TBI or a spinal cord injury. Motorcycle crash injuries most often include:

  • Superficial skin abrasions or road rash
  • Facial or jaw fractures
  • Broken bones in the feet and ankles
  • Burns.

The personal injury attorneys from Diaco Law appreciated the effect a motorcycle accident can have on your well-being and the well-being of your family. We have successfully pursued compensation for motorcycle accident claims for clients in and around Tampa Bay. Take a few moments to speak to a representative from our office before you make the mistake of speaking with an insurance representative.

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