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Why Hire Diaco Law?

Jay Diaco spent almost 5 years and nearly $200,000 pursuing my husband’s medical malpractice case. The defendants settled for $3 million the week before trial. I cannot thank them enough for fighting for my husband when he couldn’t fight for himself. Thank you Jay.

Pat, Tampa

Jay was there for me in my darkest times following a severe car accident that left me with a broken neck. He compassionately answered all of my medical and legal questions, and obtained a fully of all available insurance within weeks of my accident. God forbid I have another accident, but if I did, the only law firm I would hire is Diaco Law.

Arlene, St. Pete

Diaco Law was there for me when my insurance company refused to handle my claim fairly. Jay aggressively pursued them, and they were forced to pay the full policy limits. THanks for your help. I definitely recommend Diaco Law to anyone in need of a compassionate and hard fighting firm.

Biff, St. Pete

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