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There is an increased risk to choosing to ride a motorcycle rather than a car. The motorcycle is an interesting hybrid of human, vehicle, and environment.  It has been reported that more than 80% of reported motorcycle accidents are fatal. Therefore, as the motorcycle rider is more vulnerable to injury, here are the 3 most common injuries that occur on the road.

Head and brain injuries lead the way for the most common injury which includes concussions and even brain damage. A concussion can range in intensity however brain damage is serious and can also be fatal. Any contact to the head in an accident should be examined and monitored in the hospital immediately. The neck may also be damaged in a head injury which can paralyze or kill the rider. Therefore, anyone riding a motorcycle should wear a helmet. A helmet can make a big difference in safety.

Another type of injury for motorcyclists is road rash. Road rash is injury from the situation of a rider sliding across the pavement after an accident. The concrete rubs across layers of clothes and exposed skin resulting in skin damage that can lead to irritation, infections, and even surface nerve damage. Persistent road rash should be looked at by a medical professional, it may require antibiotics to prevent infections. There are protective measures that can be taken to prevent road rash such as wearing specific motorcycle jeans instead of regular jeans and other specialized garments.

Other areas of the body are frequently affected in Common Motorcycle Injuries accidents such as legs, knees, and feet. These injuries are less threatening however if not properly treated can be problematic. Legs and feet can be broken, other trauma like shattered or fractured bones or knees can occur. A motorcycle rider may hurt his legs with scrapes, large cuts, or road rash. Safe driving, long pants, and motorcycle boots are all suggested as a way to prevent these injuries on the road.

Motorcycle riding can be exciting yet risky with Common Motorcycle Injuries such as head trauma, road rash, and injuries to the legs and feet. A helmet and protective gear are necessary to protect the rider in the event of an accident. Safe driving practices and knowledge of the risks involved in riding a motorcycle are beneficial in avoiding these types of accidents.

The information provided in this article is an overview of the type of injuries that can be expected in a motorcycle crash. To discuss your specific claim and the potential negligence of another Tampa area driver, consult the motorcycle accident attorneys from Diaco Law.