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Prior to your first meeting with your Diaco Law personal injury attorney for the first time after you have injured in an accident, you will want to collect all documents you have in relation to the accident and place them into a large folder or envelope. Here is a personal injury document checklist which contains some of the documents and additional pertinent participant information to take with you to your meeting to your Diaco Law personal injury attorney, if they are applicable to your legal case.

Important Accident Information

  • Name and mailing address of any emergency medical services deployed to the scene of the Tampa accident
  • Name and physical address of the ER where you were initially transported
  • The dates you were admitted first to the ER and then the hospital
  • Name and mailing address of all medical ER, hospital and clinic doctors who have examined you
  • Name and office addresses of any chiropractors who have been consulted about your accident injuries
  • Names of all people who were in any way involved in the accident
  • Names, addresses and contact coordinates of all witnesses to the accident
  • Dates you missed any scheduled work due to the accident
  • Name and phone number of any insurance adjustor you spoke to
  • List of miscellaneous people who have spoken to you about the Tampa car accident or your personal injuries.

Tampa Accident Documents

  • Auto accident report
  • Multiple copies of written statements you were able to acquire
  • Your Florida car insurance policy if you were injured in a Florida car accident along with the coverage certificatepage that explains what kind of coverage you carry and what are the limits of the auto insurance policy
  • Disability or medical insurance policy or certificate verifying coverage
  • Additional medical insurance policies including major medical, veterans insurance or hospitalization
  • All letters you have received from any involved insurer about the auto accident or your car accident injuries
  • Hospital and medical bills
  • Receipts for things you needed to purchase due to the auto accident injury
  • Receipts for things that you have had to repair due to the Tampa auto accident.

Find Peace of Mind by Hiring an Experienced Tampa, Florida Auto Accident Injury Attorney

If you or a family member has been hurt in a Tampa car accident, you may require an experienced Florida auto accident and injury attorney. Protecting your rights after an accident and pursuing an auto accident claim zealously are just a couple of our obligations as your personal injury lawyer. To get started today, please call us at 808-SOS-FIRM.